Emma's Crafty Kids

Creative family fun for festivals, events and schools

Book Emma's Crafty Kids drop-in craft activities for the day, weekend or week.

We provide all the craft materials, plenty of tables to work at and a giant floor tarpaulin - there's room to spread out in our 10m x 4m marquee.  All you have decide is what drop-in activities you would like us to provide. 
Chose from -

  • junk modelling;
  • card masks and shape decoration;
  • badge making;
  • painting;
  • pebble decoration;
  • mini ceramic fridge magnets; 
  • collage creation;
  • streamers and hand-wavers;
  • wide range of junk modelling;
  • bracelet and keyring making;
  • air-dry clay creations;
  • ping pong ball flowers and creature making;
  • papier mache balloon mask decoration, 
  • mini porcelain plate or ceramic shape decorating.
  • colouring for teeny weenies (and the young at heart),
  • event banner painting, 
  • large outdoor artwork.

Great job, as ever, at Riverside.  I have heard nothing but good feedback about your crafts over the weekend, so thank you.

Festivals and Events - Leicester City Council